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The use of crystals in healing dates back to the time of the Ancient Greeks, who used the crystals they found for their magic formulas. Most of the names for various stones and crystals were given by the Greeks during that time. 


The Ancient Egyptians also used stones for health and protection as well as for ceremonial purposes, as have most culture’s religions since that time. In the early 1600s, Anselmus de Boot, court physician to Rudolf II of Germany, stated that the properties of stones were determined by good or bad angels. Good angels would bestow special powers to a gem, while bad angels would lead people to believe the stone itself was the power, and not that it was blessed with gifts from God. 


With the Renaissance period, the use of crystals fell to the sidelines for the most part and would only re-emerge in the 1980s with the creation of the New Age culture, which saw them return to the world of healing along with many of their traditions.


Today, crystal healing therapy has gained the reputation of being a valid, complimentary therapy is offered in colleges as a program, and has crossed the boundaries of religious or spiritual belief.


Crystals are generally swept over the entire body or placed on specific points of the body in crystal wand or crystal pendulum healing techniques, or are worn as amulets to gently bring relief to symptoms constantly throughout the day.[5]Specifically colored stones can also be used as chakra healing and are used in a layout which corresponds to the seven chakras throughout the body.


Each stone or crystal has specific benefits in healing. Various lists exist on the internet discusses the use of each stone. We will look at the healing properties of stones which have a healing effect on the most common health problems.


Blue Kyanite-This balancing stone is a pain reliever and is used in the treatment of any type of back problem. This great stone also has healing benefits for the thyroid, urogenital system, and throat, heals infections, reduces blood pressure, and can help you to lose weight.


Malachite-This stone is great for protection and is used to clear negative energy. It is useful for the treatment of joint problems, such as arthritis, is used to treat asthma, treats diseases of the sexual organs and causes the liver to clear toxins.


Green Calcite-This stone of prosperity and peace is ideal for stress relief. It encourages abundance in finances, emotional wellbeing, intellect, and ideal health. This stone also balances the body and the mind.


Orange Calcite-This is the stone of creativity. In addition to its benefits to opening up your creativity, this stone has many health effects. This very energizing stone helps with emotional fears, mental breakdowns, and chronic fatigue. It provides a balancing effect to your emotions and promotes emotional healing with its warm calming, but recharging energy.



Citrine-A stone of abundance, citrine carries the energy of the sun and banishes negative energy. This stone increases personal power through its boosting effects on self-esteem and self-confidence. This stone is great for reversing degenerative disease, detoxifies the blood, relieves constipation, fortifies the nerves, and is very energizing.


Chrysocolla-This stone of harmony provides an energy that is peaceful and tranquil. It is used to treat arthritis, bone disease, aids sunburn, and strengthens the thyroid gland. Beneficial to metabolism, this stone also improves communication, alleviates guilt, and promotes truth.


Sulphur-This stone is negatively charged and is useful for absorbing negative energy and emotions. It is useful in the treatment of anything that erupts such as anger, acne, fever, and other skin conditions. Another benefit of this stone is its ability to reduce fibrous and tissue growths, and helps with the pain and swelling of joint conditions.


Celestite-The stone of serenity, Celestite has a high vibration and boosts spiritual development and leads to enlightenment. This stone brings comfort and peace and heals the aura, and attracts good fortune while promoting purity of the heart. This calming stone is the stone of hope and faith and creates a sense of bliss and comfort.


Amethyst- Amethyst is the stone of higher consciousness and is a natural tranquilizer. It eliminates fear, anger, anxiety, and alleviates sadness and grief. This stone promotes psychic gifts and opens intuition, relieves psychological pain and stress, relieves tension, and eases headaches. This stone helps link the emotional, mental, and psychological self.


Black Tourmaline-This protective stones disperses negative energy and blockages, releases tension and protects against negative energy and negative thoughts. This stone clears the aura and helps with spinal adjustments.


Rose Quartz-This stone’s energy is calming, loving, and peaceful, heals heartaches, opens your heart and brings a sense of deep inner peace. The healing properties of this stone treats rashes, reduces wrinkles, increases fertility, improves skin tone, and brings unconditional love from others and of yourself. 


Wearing amulets or charms of these stones can be used to improve the listed health conditions, provide energies and serve as protection. Visiting a practitioner trained in crystal healing is a great therapy which can alleviate a multitude of health problems and get you on your way to optimal health.

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