I am offering to channel a guided visualisation script for you.

I will channel the guided visualisation through writing with a pen and paper in a calm, peaceful, safe setting.

Once I receive the guided visualisation I will type it in text format and send it to you with instructions.

What Is Channeling?

Channelling is an art through which the recipient can receive and transfer healing and guidance

What is a Guided Visualisation Script?

A guided visualisation script is a script you can use to enter a relaxed state and follow the guided imagery. You can either read them then follow the instructions or transfer them to audio.

What do I have to do?

You will set your intention to receive the visualisation when you place the order.

Will I experience anything?

You may experience a sense of peace and relaxation and you may receive messages, gifts or symbols through your senses

How do you do it?

I will start the session as I would hosting a guided visualisation session and set my channel ready to receive, I will call in my channeling guides and put my protection in place, I will then channel the visualisation through writing using a pen and paper.