I will draw one guidance card from each of the following packs for you

Advice from the Angels
Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior
Diane Cooper Wisdom Cards
The Crystal Deck
and Diane Cooper Angels

Guidance cards are decks of cards which hold a specific message.

Each drawn card will contain its own message for you to gain your own personal guidance or inspiration from.

Please note: This is not a reading, if you require a reading I offer Oracle Card readings.

I will still work on a spiritual level with my guides and I will draw the cards in a calm, peaceful, safe setting.

I will start the session as I would hosting a person to person guidance card session and set my channel ready to receive.

I will call in my guides and put protection for you and me in place and I will draw a card from each pack,  scan them together into one pdf and send them to you electronically

These sessions are for entertainment purposes only and only suitable for people aged 18 and over