About my psychic healing

The earth has become full of parasites and negative emotions that ruin the beauty within it and cast a foul spell on all those who dwell inside.


The earth has been deteriorating due to these negativities which are brought about by a lot of factors. These factors can be controlled at times, but require psychic healing powers and great insight into these negativities that surround us all.


I am a psychic healer who understands and feels about the earth and the skies. I have an insight and an intuition that makes me worried about the motherland and to do something to help heal it for the better. In my urge to use my abilities to heal the motherland I dwell in, I called upon the great spirits and got a message that it is all possible. I need to align the people with the earth and to make them understand that everything that damages the motherland in turn is a damage inflicted on us as well.


I now work as a healer, providing peace, help and relief to people who need my psychic abilities. My life has now become a constant struggle to strike back the negativities of the earth and to use my powers to ease the pain and suffering of people who pursue me.


I belong to Gunnedah, an outback town in Australia, growing up as an indigenous man with my distinct abilities. Had my tribe not been displaced, I would have become the elder of my people but now my efforts have become global and I reach out to everyone who needs me.


Being a lover of music, I understand and use the waves and vibrations that create energy and use that energy for positive impact. Using the energy from vibrations, I send my healing powers to people far off and help them to overcome their troubles.


Be it animals or humans, my aim is to help anyone in need and use my psychic abilities to provide solace. I, being a human, also have the accreditations of a healer and have been providing assistance to a lot of people worldwide.

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Everyone has certain psychic tendencies but we are always encouraged to suppress it by society. We are all innately born with psychic tendencies but our rational brain always tells us to overpower this feeling. On the contrary being a psychic brings personal and spiritual growth. A person with psychic abilities learns the true purpose of his or her life as they get more in contact with their higher self which then guide their soul and suppress their preconceived inhibition and ego. There are several ways to attain this as mentioned below


1.     Meditate. Person who meditates regularly are in regular touch with their subconscious spiritual mind and this help them change their life. Also meditation helps in joining your conscious mind with subconscious mind which is guaranteed to improve your quality of life and improve your attitude towards life


2.     Relax/slow down. It is important that you slow down your mind and always bring your mind to a normal state where it is easier for you to remain calm and aware. It is important to learn to slow down through the day so your mind is relaxed and you have more time to be in touch with yourself


3.     Notice and be aware. Once our mind is relaxed and in control you start absorbing information received by your mind, body and soul.  This way you will start expanding your awareness and be more connected to universe


4.     Imagine. Imagination helps you rehearse your step before you make your move. This way difficult problem are solved as you learn to observe various objects and situation carefully with minute smaller details.


5.     Listen. Stop during certain point of your day and join in the stillness. Learn to listen to every moment that is happening around you and what is happening in that moment


6.     Keep a journal. Capture your dreams in a journal and pay attention to insights you get in your dreams. Symbols that repeat themselves are important and help you maintain your own code of symbols and gradually help learn your language. This way you will learn new things about yourselves


7.     Practice psychic skills tests. Use various websites that offer ESP or remote viewing tests where you imagine a photograph before you are shown it. Practice this more often to gain enhanced psychic abilities



Benefits of Psychic Abilities


Increased awareness: By practicing psychic power you increase your awareness to your surrounding and you are more aware of your environments emotions, feelings and happenings around you


Realization of inner potential: This helps in tapping your mental, physical strengths and help you gain focus in life through the daily practice of meditation


Feeling of difference: With help of this you attain the power to heal and help others by using your enhanced imagination power


Meeting with great minds: When you are in the realm of practicing psychic power you also interact with greater minds who are spiritually aware and gives you the opportunity to interact with people of same psychic abilities

How to develop your own psychic abilities

Please send your loving touch to each of these animals I'm currently healing -
go ahead just touch the screen and let your emotions flow through.

- it really helps!

Baby Possum

Baby Possum

I came to know about this baby possum who's mother had been hit by a car. With tender care and distant healing from me and my clan, she survived.

Puppy poisoned

Puppy poisoned

This puppy was poisoned with baits recently and was very close to death. His owner brought him in and I performed a sacred healing ritual. After a tense night, the puppy recovered. He is now stronger than ever.

Orphan Joey

Orphan Joey

This little joey lost his mother. He befriended an old knockabout dog from around the area. He's doing well and gets tamer every time I send out a healing to him.