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Feel The New Spiritual Satisfaction

As I speak to Mother Earth and Father Sky,  I ask...

When will the earth be healed?

And the great spirit spoke back like rumbling thunder:

"When people become one with the planet's vibrations and realise the ripples that hurt the earth also hurt human beings and all species." 
Balancing Rocks
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...And So I became A Healer

Remote distance healer, remote healing
Remote distance healer, remote healing
Remote distance healer, remote healing

My life is now a constant stream of light that reflects back the parasites and negative forces,

yet I am still just a boy and also a man from Gunnedah, an outback town in Australia.


Growing up as an indigenous man now is different these days since our people have been displaced.


If I had lived with my Kamilaroy tribe in the thick scrub I would by now be seen as an Elder or Sharman.

Maybe even a magic man as my gifts are many.

I however reached high as a child and that was to be my fate.

So now I reach out for a much larger tribe called humanity! 

I believe Great Spirit is like that! 


"Being a musician, vibrations jump out at me in a way I cannot describe, but it goes something like this:

All things on earth have energy.

and run at different vibrational levels just like electricity and water.

I have learnt to send healing

through my own vibrations to people and animals miles away"

Image by Jr Korpa

What Clients Talk About Us

"Unbelievable results!! I haven't felt this good in over 15 years! It's like a huge burden has been lifted off of me and I feel stronger and healthier than ever before! I only wish I knew about Rob sooner! I'm very impressed! I will definitely be referring him to all of my friends and family."

-Dale Brennan

Unbelievable but true! Mother Earth and Spirit and we humans are so amazing yet unaware of what we are capable!!!! 


We are all like parts of a spiders web, all sprung at different frequencies or wound too tight.  I don't understand this as a scientist or as a geologist. However I know this, as the man I was born to be. This, in a way, is my birthright because I hear, see, feel and understand as an audient to God.  I respond to the knowledge he shares with me.


I also have all the legal accreditations that a healer must have, because I understand that I am also just a man.